In this section we talk all things faith! These posts showcase the lessons that I and others have learnt or am currently learning on our walk with Christ.


Choose between the popular "Let's Talk" series where we discuss and break down different topics, answer burning questions we have for God and the church and go through bible study guides, poetry and more!


Over here we talk all things life and lifestyle. 

From books, lifestyle tips, mental health, to friendships, this is the space where we talk all things life as a 20-something. God is a part of everything that we do, so why not talk about everything?


Llamando a todos los hispanohablantes, aquí podrás encontrar publicaciones en todo español. Hablamos sobre todo de Dios, nosotras lecciones, poemas y más! 

God is global and so is Let's Talk Identity! 

Head over to our Spanish section for more faith, lifestyle posts and poetry but in Spanish.

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