Let's Talk Identity is a platform for women in transition (aka teens and 20s) to find sisterhood, sustenance and biblical truths and about their identity and how to live life well.   

God desires for his daughters to be whole, happy and confident in who He has made them to be. This is a platform where young women can come and learn, be filled up, challenged and encouraged and fill others too.

Not only are we a blog, we are a ministry. Let's Talk Identity is a blog, a forum and a will provide tools, such as workbooks, study guides, notebooks and more, so that women can actually start their transformation. Don't just get inspired, get started!

Meet D'anne

Hey guys! My name is D'anne and I am the founder and head writer of Let's Talk Identity! A passionate writer, singer and linguist with a purpose for empowering women to live out their God-given identity and helping them to enjoy and understand life better because nobody has time for stress and anxiety sis!

All things considered, I am a pretty typical 20-something; I love lifestyle, beauty, fashion and meaningful yet aesthetic quotes and pictures. Oh and I'm a sweet connoisseur! I can be quite serious but I am also proudly silly and crack up at the smallest things. If you want to learn more about me, head over to my post on 50 FACTS ABOUT ME! 

(P.S. It's in English and Spanish so everyone can enjoy it!) 

If you'd like to write for us, contact us below!
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